Our Focus

CONQA Group is a global consulting, event management and sports entertainment organisation that focuses within elite sport and corporate sectors. We offer a wide range of sports and business leadership initiatives such as focus groups, leadership programmes, as well as consulting services. 

Our two main programmes are the Elite Sport Summit, which takes place in Cape Town annually and the London Leadership Summit, which takes place in the City of London annually. 

Our objective is to influence organisations and leadership teams to push the boundaries of business and sports performance daily.

Elite Sport Summit:

Cape Town: 10th - 12th October 2018

We bring together 300 of the most talented, progressive and like minded sports practitioners from elite sport. We come together to unearth challenges, identify weaknesses and help teams and coaches achieve optimum success. We do this by sharing knowledge, exchanging insight and developing relationships.

London Leadership Summit: 

City of London: 16th March 2018

The programme will focus on an array of business & leadership principles. We will be discussing how the best in each of their fields achieve success in; creating an effective organisational culture; strong leadership; negotiating under pressure; building influence; and constructive communication.

The programme will be focused and insightful, where the purpose of attending is to share knowledge, exchange ideas and allow for networking amongst a variety of influential people. Attending will help take you and your organisation to the next level.


Our dynamic consulting vertical delivers a wide range of world class services. We help unearth challenges and identify potential areas for personal as well as professional growth and development.

We bring together experts from various backgrounds and expertise to assist and advise key individuals.

We are a unique organisation with an approachable and consultative philosophy that helps executives and professionals achieve success.


(Coming Soon) 


Our contest platform is to provide an opportunity for the most promising school rugby talent from around the world to compete in a winner takes all tournament

We will be bringing together 12 of the best schools from 6 rugby playing nations to Stellenbosch, South Africa. Our objective is to drive development, showcase talent and unite players and coaches through the love of rugby and competition.